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Transfer & Media Conversion Services

Save your precious memories stored on video tapes, photos, slides, and movie film. We digitize your important video and audio recordings, and save them to optical disc or data file formats. Additional services are offered for color correction, background music, onscreen titles, voice-over narratives and more. Our service products are backed by a satisfaction guarantee. See our lists of our media conversion and storage services below. Contact us for more information and to place your order.

8mm and 16mm Film Transfer

We offer conversion services for transferring your home movies on 8mm and 16mm film to new formats such as DVD, Blu-ray Disc, or Data Files (mp4, MOV, AVI, etc.). We scan each frame of your film in 1080P resolution with consistent lighting, to produce a quality, flicker-free movie transfer. Pricing is given below.

  • Film to MP4 files (1080P): $0.25 per foot
  • Film to DVD: $0.25 per foot
  • Film to Blu-ray Disc (1080P): $0.29 per foot
  • Film to HD AVI, MOV or MP4 file (1080P): $0.29 per foot

Video Tape Transfers - Consumer, Broadcast, and PAL Formats

Video Tape Transfer

Home movies on various types of video tapes converted to latest digital formats - DVD, Blu-ray Disc, Data Files.

  • All types video tapes to DVD: $29.99
  • All types video tapes to Blu-Ray: $34.99
  • All types video tapes to data file formats: $49.99
  • Alternative pricing per content hour, 2hr minimum: $29.99 per hour

Video Tape Transfers - Broadcast Formats

Broadcast Tape Transfer:

Business video assets digitized, reformatted for new uses and archived for long term preservation. Transfer price per tape as follows:

  • Output to DVD or Blu-ray Disc: $59.99 each
  • Output to AVI or MOV Files: $59.99 each
  • Output to H.264 MP4 files: $49.99 each
Slide, Photo, and Negative Transfer

Slides, Photos, and Negatives

Digitally scan photos and 35mm slides to images on data discs, or make them into a video slideshow on DVD.

  • Economy Photo Scans (600ppi): $.75 per photo
  • High Resolution Photo Scans (1,200ppi): $1.53 per photo
  • Over-sized Photos (flatbed scan, 1200ppi): $15 each
  • Slide Scans (3,000ppi): $1.53 per slide
  • Negatives (1,200ppi): $1.84 per image
  • Video Slideshow: $0.25 per image
Memory Card, Floppy Disc, Camcorder Hard Drives, Mini DVD and More

Digital-2-Digital Transfers

Not all content that needs transferring is on old, out-of-date media. Convert Media Cards, Hard Drives, and Mini DVDs to new formats. Pricing is per content hour, with a 2 hour minimum.

  • Camcorder Hard-drives: $29.99 per hour
  • SD Cards: $29.99 per hour
  • MiniDVDs: $29.99 each
  • DVD or Blu-ray to MP4: $29.99 each
  • DVD to Blu-ray: $29.99 each
Audio Transfers

Audio Recording Transfer

Audio recordings on cassette tapes, audio reels, vinyl LPs, 8-track tapes, and other formats converted to CD, mp3, and wav files.

  • $59.95 per cassette or vinyl record
  • $59.95 minimum per open reel audio tape
  • $1.25 per finish minute on audio reels
Video Editing

Post Production Video Editing

We offer a full array of video production services. This includes Video Resumes, Wedding Videos, Documentaries, and Corporate Videos, and more.

Video Editing

Duplication Services

We provide CD, DVD, Blu-ray and Flash Drive duplication for large quantities.

Slide Projector Repair

Kodak Slide Projector Repair

General Tune-up retails for $195, includes cleaning, lubing, checking overall operation, and replacing some parts.






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