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Photo Retouching


Even the most ideal photo session can turn up unwanted imperfections when you are ready to print. So rely on Yellow Door Photography professional retouching services to erase those unnecessary details, leaving your original image exactly as you intended.


We offer three retouching services to help you make a better decision on what kind of service is right for your image.


Standard Retouch

Extensive Retouch

Custom Retouch

Pricing: $3.76

Pricing: $8.75

Pricing: $17.50

  • Removal of facial glare
  • Stray hairs
  • Skin blemishes
  • Spots in background
  • Whitening of teeth and eyes
  • Image exposure
  • All "standard retouch" image enhancements
  • Braces removal
  • Eyeglass glare removal
  • Head swap
  • Opening eyes
  • Extending the background
  • Moderate Lens Flare / Hot Spots
  • Background removal (solid color replacement)
  • Spot Coloring (all B&W except 1 object)
    • All "standard" and "extensive"

      image enhancements

    • Change color of clothing

    • Background change (new background image)
    • Add or Remove people
    • Remove buildings, cars, etc.
    • Extreme Lens Flare / Hot Spots
    • Take off 10 years, 20 lbs, etc.
    • Anything not covered by ???basic??? or ???basic plus???

    Simply bring in your images to get started or place your order online. See online instructions below


    Instructions On How To Send Images


    If you would like Yellow Door Photography retouch your image(s), please follow these instructions below.



    Gather your images that need to be retouched RAW or JPEG and place them in a folder where you can easily locate it. You will be charge an additional 35?? to convert your file from RAW to JPEG.


    Your folder of images shouldn???t exceed 1.5 GB of files.


    Visit the Yellow Door Website and click on the link that says ???Retouch Photo??? on the home page.


    Click the "Upload Photos For Retouching" box.


    Type in your name and email address.


    In the Subject Box: Please SPECIFY whether you want "Standard, Extensive or Custom Retouching".


    NOTE: Please see our three retouching service options and choose the one that best suit the image. If you have questions please give us a call 313-281-1402.


    Add any comments or Instructions and click ???SELECT FILES???. Go to where the image(s) is/are located on your PC or MAC and select it. If you are uploading more than one image, click on the first image then hold down the left symbol for PC or the right for Mac and tab the "A" key on your keyboard. This will select all the images at one time for you to upload.


    Select open to load the image(s).


    Click ???SEND IT??? and that???s it. Once we receive your file you will get an email confirming that. We will work on your order and return it within 2-3 days.


    * Any files exceeding 1.5 GB in JPEG or Raw can be burned to a disc and mailed to us. Please allow extra time for the mailing. You can also upload your larger files (under 1.5 GB) overnight just before your bedtime. Smaller files up to 500-600 MB may upload fine during business hours. Upload and download speed depends on your Internet speed. 






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