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One-on-One Classes

Private Mentoring: One-on-One

We'll create a customized workshop experience just for you. We will meet on a one-on-one setting in our studio to tackle exactly what you need to know about photography; whether it's learning studio lighting, building a business and marketing plan, building a portfolio with guided practice sessions, or just getting the basics of photography under your belt. We will work at whatever pace is comfortable for you, and concentrate on whatever aspects of people photography you most want to learn.

Following please find a list of our current private classes. *Bring a friend to a private class! Reduce each of your rates $25.00

PHOTOGRAPHY 101 Time: 1.5 hours Cost: $125.00

If you have ever said, "I just want to know my camera better" than this workshop is for you. If you are constantly grabbing your camera to capture those great shots of your child or subject, only to get frustrated when you see the final image, then you will benefit from this class. Aperture, shutter speed, ISO, JPEG, CWB, RAW...huh? Understanding these basics will give you the confidence you need so you can stop guessing when you shoot & concentrate on the art of photography.

PHOTOGRAPHY 101 WITH FLASH: Time: 2 hours Cost: $150.00

This is a comprehensive camera & flash workshop designed especially for wedding, event, indoor and outdoor photographers. This class begins with a mini version of Photography 101...here we will walk you through your camera settings in depth prior to flash exploration. However the majority of this class will focus on your flash, how to operate its settings and select the right mode for each situation. Learn how to blend natural light with camera flash & take the guesswork out of shooting. We will explore flash modes, wireless flash systems, which lenses work best with flash and more.

BUSINESS 101 Time: 2.5 Hours Cost: $195.00

Thinking about starting a photography business? Don't waste your time re-inventing the wheel.Business 101workshop will teach you all about the businessside of starting and running a portrait photography business. Unsure of how to price or how to legalize your name...during this workshop we will teach you the importance of a business plan and assist you in the process of creating an outline for your needs. We will address topics such as...

??Contacts & Forms ?? Vendors & Resources ?? Marketing ?? Pricing ?? ??Proof Presentation ?? Finances ?? Equipment ?? Policies & Procedures ?? Website

STUDIO 101: Time: 3 Hours Cost: $225.00

Studio 101 is one of our most sought after class... Gain knowledge in this class about all the components that make up a studio lighting set up ??? and how to use each one. We will teach you how to light different types of backgrounds (black, white, and muslin) to get the results you want (high key and low key). Learn how to capture your subject using a single light or multiple lights. Light meters, white balancing, & more!

PHOTOSHOP 101 Time: 3 hours Cost: $250.00

If you have Photoshop but have been struggling to learn this mammoth program, this workshop is for you. Photoshop can be overwhelming, so we'll help you wade through the tools and menus to find just what you need to make the most of your images. We'll start from your current level in Photoshop. You will learn how to use Photoshop's powerful retouching tools to get the best of your images. Actions, layers, masks, healing tool...removing blemishes, softening age lines, swapping heads...whether using Photoshop for basic or more involved techniques we will show you how to make your images look their best.


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