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Credit Card Payments

We accept Visa, MasterCard and Discover. Your credit card will be charged when we receive your order.


Orders & Order Acknowledgement

Once an order is sent from the ordering software, it is final and cannot be changed or modified. We will send confirmation e-mail each time we receive an order. If you have submitted an order and have not received the confirmation e-mail within 6 hours, please call customer service to confirm we received your order. We will also send shipping notification e-mail each time we ship an order back to you. The shipping notification will contain the USPS, UPS or FedEx tracking number for your order.


Customer Service

We are committed to providing the best possible customer service. Your opinion is important, please let us know how we are doing. You can contact us at 313-281-1402, 10:00 a.m to 6:00 p.m. Eastern Time. If you need to check on the status of an order, please have the order number available when you call. The order number is in the e-mail confirmation you receive for each ROES order submitted. It is the first line of the order summary and designated as Order ID.


Shipping Options

U.S. Shipping. You pay one flat shipping fee each time you place an order. There are three shipping options to choose from: USPS Ground $6.95, 2nd day air $14.95, and Overnight $24.95.

Canadian Shipping. We only offer FedEx Ground shipping to Canada. Ground shipping typically takes 4 to 7 days to most Canadian destinations. Each order is assessed a shipping charge based on the size of the largest print in that order. For orders with prints whose longest edge is 20 inches or less, the shipping charge is $17.95. For orders with prints whose longest edge is over 20 inches, the shipping charge is $29.95. Canadian customers will need to select the appropriate shipping category during the order completion process. Please note: The shipping charges DO NOT include applicable import duties and taxes. Customers are responsible for paying those in addition to the shipping charge.


Damaged Shipments

If you receive a damaged shipment, it is very important to keep the entire order along with the box it was shipped in and all the packing materials. Call the lab immediately for instructions on how to file a claim with the package carrier and how to arrange to have your work remade.


Color Dye Stability

Like all dyes, the dyes used in photographic materials and other imaging mediums will change over time. The degree of change is primarily determined by the environmental conditions under which the images are stored or displayed. All dyes fade more rapidly when exposed to bright light.


Service Times

The service times listed are our best estimate of the time it will take to complete a given type of order, not a guaranteed ship date. Service times are defined as the number of business days from when the order arrives in the lab to when it will be shipped back. Business days are all days the lab is open, Tuesday through Saturday, excluding Sundays and holidays. The terms used to specify service time are either same day or a number of days, i.e. one day, two days, three days, etc. Same day means the order will be shipped back the same day it is received. One day indicates the order will be shipped back one day after it is received. Two days indicates it will be returned two days after it is received and so on. For example, if an order is received on Monday and has a two day service time, it will be returned on Wednesday. If the same order had a five day service time, it would be returned the following Monday. Orders that arrive after noon will be considered to have arrived the following business day. Service times may be slightly extended during the busy season (October-December). Orders that require us to contact you for clarification will have longer service times.


Multiple Services

Orders that request multiple services require the total of all the service times. For example, if you order a 16??20 professional print, mounted on double weight mount board and the file requires retouching, the service time for that order is five business days. That is the total of: 2 days for the professional print, 2 two days for retouching, plus 1 day for mounting.



Because the products we produce are custom items made from your images, we are not able to offer cash refunds. If you are ever dissatisfied with the work you receive, return it and we will redo it at no additional charge. We are committed to producing the best possible products within the technical limits of the photographic and other imaging processes. To have work remade at no charge, you must return all the original paperwork and prints within 30 days of the invoice date. Please do not fold, write on, or damage the prints in any way. In emergency situations where time is critical, we can reprint a problem order immediately if the images and order information are still stored in our servers. Please call the lab to determine if the information is still available. In this situation you will be billed for the new prints and then a credit will be issued when we receive the returned prints. Remake orders are not billed a shipping charge, if shipped by ground.





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